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Rep. Jerry Knirk

Re-elect Jerry Knirk

New Hampshire State Representative for Brookfield, Eaton, Effingham, Freedom, Madison, Moultonborough, Tamworth and Wakefield


Now more than ever we need concerned, caring and competent leadership in Concord. I have a proven reputation of working to improve the public health and preserve women’s reproductive rights in New Hampshire. In the past two years we have seen a a systematic effort to dismantle our public health system (and public education system) by the right-wing Free Staters. I have had to fight massive amounts of disinformation, not only from those who came to testify before the committee, but from legislative colleagues. I bring a data-driven and compassionate approach to legislating. Policy decisions must be informed by science and facts.

The Free State Project presents an existential threat to our New Hampshire value of strong communities. I have worked hard opposing them. They claim to support liberty but they trample over other people’s liberty in pursuit of their idea of liberty. We have seen the Free Staters and other conservatives try to take us backwards in reproductive rights with the passage in 2021 of a 24 week abortion ban with no exceptions which also included a mandatory ultrasound before all abortions at any gestational age. HB 1609 in 2022 attempted to remove the mandatory ultrasound requirement and allow an exception from the ban in the case of fatal fetal abnormality.

When this bill came before our committee I lead the charge of getting it through the House. My hard work on this bill was recognized by a pregnant woman who became an activist when she went public with her own predicament of learning at 23 weeks of pregnancy (with twins) that one twin had a fatal fetal anomaly and that the condition of that twin could harm the other healthy twin. She realized that in New Hampshire she would not be able to have a full choice of medical options for treatment which included selective termination of the twin with the fatal anomaly to save the healthy twin.

She wrote to me after watching my work advocating during committee debate for HB 1609, the bill to allow the exception for fatal fetal anomaly, saying “I feel very lucky that NH has an advocate like you in the State House, and I really appreciate all the work you’re doing to further this piece of legislation and others like it that support the right of women and families to make medical decisions with their doctor. I know it can’t be easy to keep fighting in the face of such irrational headwinds, but I just wanted to make sure you know that your work matters and that there are a lot of folks like me depending on it and rooting for you.” (used with permission)

I need your help to be re-elected in my new district so that I can continue to work with others to solve problems so we can move New Hampshire forward and build a vibrant economy. I will continue working to:

–Fix our broken health care system
–Protect women’s rights–including reproductive rights
–Protect civil rights for all
–Promote family-friendly policies
–Promote education and training for an educated workforce and electorate –Address crumbling infrastructure-roads, bridges
–Expand accessible broadband
–Expand renewable energy
–Preserve our environment

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